Research Proposals

  • Cincinnati Public Schools receives many requests to supply information, or to participate in research studies, from individuals or agencies inside and outside the district. Therefore, it's necessary to limit the amount of research permitted so as not to disrupt students' education. CPS does not generally approve applications for master's and PhD research.

    Researchers, including CPS staff, must receive approval prior to initiating research. The research proposal process involves two steps: 1) Submission of a Research Application; if the application is approved, 2) submission of a Research Proposal.

    Exemptions (groups that do not have to submit research proposals)

    • Staff members conducting research for classroom/school use only
    • Community members requesting aggregated student information already in the public domain

    Research conducted within Cincinnati Public Schools will be limited to studies that provide information of benefit to CPS. At minimum, all research conducted within the district is expected to benefit students. Benefits must be tangible. Specifically, a research application must have a direct connection to the CPS educational objective of preparing students for life. Applications will be denied if a researcher does not make a clear case for how their research study or program evaluation will improve teaching and learning practices, and/or result in positive educational outcomes for students.

    To be acceptable, a project must directly align with at least one of the following research focus areas:

    • Research focusing on closing an achievement gap for diverse learners. 
    • Research focusing on supporting student or staff health, wellness or safety. 
    • Research focusing on one or more of the ODE report card components for the district or a specific student subgroup. 
    • Research focusing on talent development for improved instructional practice. 
    • Research focusing on educational diversity, equity and inclusion topics.  

    Research Application Period

    CPS will consider applications from July 15 through November 15, for research beginning in September or January. If you intend to submit an application, please revisit this page when the research application period is open.

    Research Proposal Documents

    Please review the following prior to submitting an application:

    Research Application