• The Personalized Education Program at Hyde Park School
     Hyde Park students on computer

    Our students have a voice in what, how, when and where they learn. With individualized instruction, we develop compassionate, engaged students who demonstrate a lifelong commitment to education.

    Through our Personalized Education program, we focus on targeted instruction, data-driven decision-making, flexible content and tools, as well as student reflection and ownership.

    The result? Happy students who are confident in the decisions they make about their academic journeys.

    What Does This Mean for Students?
    Our students are empowered to discover passions today so that they can thrive tomorrow.

    Your child will benefit from:

    • Access to innovative technologies, such as virtual-reality goggles and Promethean interactive boards
    • Gifted programs for qualified students in grades 3 – 6
    • Software programs that provide personalized support for each student’s pace and skill level
    • University partnerships that expose students to higher education opportunities
    • Elective experiences that enhance student learning
    • One-to-one student devices in grades 3 – 6
    • Improved self-reflection, independence and accountability