• Intermediate

    Grades 4-6

    The mission of the elementary team at Riverview East Academy is for all of our students to SOAR. Students are engaged in a Safe and Orderly environment that will support their learning, growth and development. As a team, we believe that all students can Achieve by being introduced to rigorous concepts and ideas. Students will experience differentiated instruction so that they can be successful. Our staff strives for Respect from the students by having mutual respect for every child.

    Students benefit from small class sizes, which allow for more focus on their unique learning needs. Students also benefit from departmentalized instruction. Students rotate to different classes throughout the day, which promotes age appropriate responsibility. These classes include ELA — English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our teachers have earned degrees and demonstrate a passion for their respective subjects along with a respect for different learning styles and intelligence.

    The elementary team uses positive behavior reinforcement programs like ClassDoJo — a school communication platform — and Hawk Bucks. Each day, students have a chance to receive positive behavior points on ClassDoJo by demonstrating various aspects within the classroom, such as participation, complete homework and helping others. Students can also earn points or earn Hawk Bucks by showing their respect of the teachers, their classmates and the school by following the reasonable requests of the adults. ClassDojo allows the students and parents to track the points earned on a daily basis and gives way for parents to communicate with teachers all day long. With these points/bucks, students can trade them in for weekly/monthly/quarterly incentives. These incentives include picking out of a prize box, pizza/movie parties, field trips and the like.

    Elementary Teaching Staff:

    • ELA: Colleen Kling
    • Mathematics: Lindsey Wittich
    • Science/Social Studies: Susan Harpring
    • Intervention Specialist: Lorraine Maley
    • ALC: Mahalia Smith-Carter

    Our teachers work closely with each other to provide a high quality education within the CPS community.

    Our academic focus for grades 4-6 includes the following programs.

    Reading and Language Arts

    Wit and Wisdom — The Wit and Wisdom program is the ELA curriculum that brings rich content to the classroom. This program brings science, social studies and literature alive through different modules of study.


    Engage New York — This program focuses on fewer topics to build mastery of math topics. Lessons use a variety of methods to make math exciting.


    Social Studies


    Easy Tech — Easy Tech teaches critical skills, including keyboarding, word processing, digital citizenship and online safety.

    ST Math — ST Math programs use visuals and symbols to help students master fundamental concepts.