Midway students in STEAM


  • The STEAM Program at Midway School

    We motivate our students to unlock their potential — to achieve academic success today and a promising future tomorrow.

    Through our new STEAM program, we integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fundamentals with the Arts to promote the creative thinking and ingenuity necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.

    Our curriculum provides experiential learning opportunities that allow students to investigate and solve complex questions, challenges and problems using hands-on, interdisciplinary and project-based methods.

Midway student
  • What Does This Mean for Students?

    Our students are exposed to an integrated learning approach that fosters curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

    Your child will benefit from:

    • A STEAM teacher who tailors instruction to all grade levels
    • STEAM-related field trips
    • Partnerships with community nonprofits and businesses that will bring classroom lessons to life
    • New curriculum, equipment and technology