Uniform Policy

  • Taylor Academy is a non-uniform school. Students are allowed to wear school clothing that meets mandatory "General Dress Code Requirements."

    All students are expected to come to school in clean clothes that do not distract from the  educational process. 

    The following apparel DOES NOT meet these expectations: 

    • Midriff shirts, spaghetti straps, backless shirts, halter tops, low cut, shirt showing  cleavage 
    • Pajama pants, pajama shirts and slippers 
    • Jersey shirts/tank tops that have huge armholes 
    • Underwear is not considered outerwear and should not be visible 
    • Hats/scarves/bandanas/do rags are not to be worn in the building 
    • Distractive Headgear may not be work (ie cat ears) 
    • Unreasonably short shorts/skirts/skorts- Must be at the bottom of finger tips ∙ Clothes with unproductive messages (drugs, gangs, obscenities, etc.) 
    • Torso skin should not be visible due to low rider pants or short tops 
    • Pants worn below waist level  
    • Pants and shirts must follow “waist at waist” 
    • Clothing/items causing a distraction/disturbance (principal’s discretion) ∙ Pullover hoodies may be worn, and must stop at the waist and do not have  zippers 
    • Earbuds and headphones may not be worn 
    • All clothing must be worn at the waist, tops and bottoms 
    • Coats will not be allowed to be worn in the building. Students must dress  appropriately for the weather, we suggest dressing in layers. 
    • Oversized clothing will be required to be tucked in.