Leed Gold Building

  • Ohio's First LEED Gold Public School Renovation

    Dater Montessori School received an Excellent rating on the Ohio Report Card, and has notched another milestone: recognition as Ohio’s first public school renovation to achieve LEED Gold certification.

    The accomplishment was announced during a special celebration held at Dater Montessori that culminated with the presentation of the LEED Gold Award by Myron Rivers, executive director of the U.S. Green Building Council of Cincinnati.

    LEED is the acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is the leading national green-rating system developed and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED certifications can be achieved at four levels — Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

    Highlights of the energy-efficient renovation include:

    • The building operates about 20 percent more energy efficient than a comparably renovated school, saving taxpayers nearly $24,000 every year, based on today's rates.
    • Potable water use in the building is 32 percent less than a national standard school, thanks to low-flow plumbing fixtures.
    • Refurbished skylights lessen the amount of artificial lighting needed in corridors.
    • More than 95 percent of the construction debris — or 850 tons of material— was recycled, saving it from local landfills.