Gifted Education

  • Gifted Education: Challenge Every Child

    Covedale Elementary's full-time gifted intervention specialist is Cindy Tisue. She works with students from kindergarten through sixth grade in a variety of ways. Depending on a child's gifted identification and grade level, he or she may participate in some of the activities listed below.

    • Some students participate in a weekly workshop class that incorporates project-based learning.
    • Math students in kindergarten through third grade receive math enrichment services each week.
    • Math students in fourth through sixth grades have the opportunity to take an accelerated math class: fourth graders participate in fifth grade math class, fifth graders participate in sixth grade math class, and sixth graders participate in the seventh grade curriculum taught by Mrs. Tisue.
    • Students may complete independent studies for an annual Project Night.
    • Ms. Tisue provides support to teachers so they can provide differentiation in the general classroom for their gifted students.

    Students are also encouraged to join our Brain Bowl team. This competitive academic league meets for practice on Tuesdays after school and has competitions against other schools throughout the year.