Extracurricular Activities

  • After-school programs and extracurricular activities provide a richer environment to help students learn and grow. At Roselawn Condon School, students have access to a variety of programs and activities to explore their interests.

    Roselawn Condon Activities After School Program (AASP)
    Sponsored by Activities Beyond the Classroom, our AASP will provide two hours of physical and creative opportunities for our K-8 students. In order to participate, you must meet the following requirements: 

    • Be a current Roselawn Condon student
    • Be in good academic standing and have good behavior
    • Be present at school on that day and able to participate in both sessions (Tuesday and Thursday)
    • Have transportation to be picked up on time from the after-school program or walk home from school.
    • Parent/Guardian must attend a quick orientation

    Our AASP will provide these FREE activities based on the after-school program that will offer 2 sessions 3 days a week from 4:00-6:00 pm. It will be physical (i.e. run, jump, throw) and/or creative activities (arts and crafts). There will be multiple sessions to choose from. Food will be provided at NO COST to the parent/guardian.

    Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP)

    The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) began in 2002 as a pilot program with Congress’ approval. The FFVP is a federally funded program that provides school children in participating schools with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at no cost. The goal of the FFVP is to:

    • Expand the variety of fruits and vegetables children experience
    • Increase children’s fruit and vegetable consumption
    • Make a difference in children’s diets to impact their present and future health.

    Roselawn Condon School is one of 30 Cincinnati Public Schools to receive a FFVP grant for this school year. We are very pleased to have the FFVP grant for another year. Our students have the pleasure (or experience) of eating a wide-range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Three days a week in the afternoon, fresh fruit or vegetables are distributed to students while they’re in their classrooms. Through the FFVP, we continue to enhance and strengthen our students’ awareness of healthy eating and exposure to different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Many teachers take the opportunity to incorporate FFVP into their curriculum. Most of all, this program has helped enormously to promote lifelong healthy eating habits for all of our students from pre-school to 8th grade.

    Men Organized Respectful and Educated (M.O.R.E.)

    M.O.R.E. is an after-school group for boys that is designed to strategically support and promote measurable improvements in academic achievement, promotion rates, graduation rates, and college readiness, with an emphasis on developing a strong character. The content of M.O.R.E. consists of Academic Support, Social Skills Development, College & Career Awareness, Financial Literacy, and Health & Wellness.


    Cub Scouts

    Through educational programs and activities, boys learn to build character, citizenship, and personal fitness. "The Boys Scouts of America believes...that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society." The Cub Scouts program is for boys in grades 1-5. Students work on a variety of nature-related arts and crafts and decision-making activities. The meetings are held on-site at Roselawn Condon School.

    Girl Scouts

    Through a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, girls in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to participate during Activity bell. Students learn to solve problems, do a service project, practice leadership and new skills. Additionally, the girls will work on a variety of fun and educational activities. The program is free. Thanks to generous donations and grants the $15 registration fee for each student is covered. The meetings are held on-site at Roselawn Condon School.

    Lady Lion Stompers

    The Lady Lion Stompers is a step group for girls in grades 6-8. The students will learn to create steps and dance routines. The group will perform at various school events. Students will build social skills, discuss good health and wellness habits and how they apply to their lives as a whole.

    Mighty Motivators

    Students are involved in a variety of school-wide volunteer activities that promote school pride. They are in charge of the recycling program and beautification of the school. In addition, students act as official hosts for school events. The students learn to work together as one in attaining the goals set for the activities.


    Roselawn Condon provides athletic programs for the Jr. High level as well as elementary level (grades 3-6). The Jr. High girls can participate in volleyball (fall), basketball (winter) and track (in spring). The Jr. High boys can participate in basketball (winter) and track (in spring). There is also an end-of-the-season tournament for the top teams in each sport. The elementary grades participate in a volleyball and Basketball Intramural program. In addition, we are pleased to have a football program for the boys in seventh and eighth grades. Our athletic program emphasizes the fundamental skills of each sport as well as developing good sportsmanship skills.