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    Fax: 513-363-9820
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:40 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 4323 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45205

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Taneka Smith Principal 513-363-9890
      Asst. Principal 513-363-9891
      Danny Johnson Sr. Support Specialist/Students 513-363-9802
      Ray Williams-Sanders Sr. Support Specialist/Staff 513-363-9801
      Eneida Uehlin Spanish Support
      Sheila Jenkins Resource Coordinator 513-363-9887
      Lauren Braddock School Psychologist 513-363-9813
      Nurse Tyler School Nurse 513-363-9821
      New Path (Mental Health Partner) Counselor 513-363-9816
      Lindsay Forrester Social Worker 513-363-9871
      VACANT Attendance Clerk 513-363-9834
      Officer Jackson School Resource Officer 513-926-7999
      Ilisha Trimble Security 513-363-9832
      Tirrell Byrd Security 513-363-9832
      Lasharee Campbell Security 513-363-9832
      Ken Daugherty Plant Operator 513-363-3815
      Deborah Campbell Lunchroom Manager 513-363-9898/9897


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Ryan Casey ALL Pre-School/Teacher 513-363-9866
      Alexandria Mitchell ALL Pre-School/Teacher 513-363-9860
      Tanya Staggs ALL Pre-School/Teacher 513-363-9825
      Emily Waugh Pre-School/Paraprofessional 513-363-9866
      Stephanie Auel Pre-School/Paraprofessional 513-363-9860
      Lynne Davenport Pre-School/Paraprofessional 513-363-9825
      Michelle Horsley Pre-School/Nap Aide
      Alice Bell-Jennings Pre-School/Nap Aide
      Venita Collins Pre-School/Nap Aide
      Samantha Chastang SELF-CONTAINED KG/1ST 513-363-9828
      Mollie Fingerman SELF-CONTAINED KDG 513-363-9838
      Lisa Teague SELF-CONTAINED KDG 513-363-9863
      Nicole Vasilevch SELF-CONTAINED KDG 513-363-9874
      Yolanda Hill SELF-CONTAINED KDG/Paraprofessional 513-363-9838
      Jordan Smith SELF-CONTAINED KDG/Paraprofessional 513-363-9863
      Troy Bellomo Intervention Specialist 513-363-9842
      Stacey Jones K-3 MH K-3 MH 513-363-9893
      Gretchen Meyer SELF-CONTAINED 1ST 513-363-9833
      Karen Chowning SELF-CONTAINED 1ST 513-363-9865
      Nili Mitrovich SELF-CONTAINED 1ST 513-363-9873
      Rani Watson SELF-CONTAINED 1ST 513-363-9870
      Elaine Wilson SELF-CONTAINED 1ST 513-363-9836
      Miranda Jones SELF-CONTAINED 1ST/Paraprofessional 513-363-9833
      Joseph Englekamp SELF-CONTAINED 1ST/Paraprofessional 513-363-9873
      Lauren Cook SELF-CONTAINED 1ST/Paraprofessional 513-363-9870

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