• How Late Are You?

    If the answer is "Not at all," you're golden. If the answer is anything more than 5 minutes, you've got a new problem. The school opens at 8:30 and the first period starts at 8:45. Remember, early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable.

    Uniform Policy

    300Students must avoid dress that distracts attention from the pursuit of knowledge, disrupts the educational process, or constitutes a threat to individual safety or safety of the group. Students are expected to maintain high standards of personal cleanliness and hygiene by making sure they are neither offensive to others nor a threat to the health of the school community. When a student's appearance is unacceptable, the student will be removed from class and required to change clothes. Exceptions must be approved in advance by an administrator. An administrator will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of student dress.

    Clothing Requirements and Clothing Not Permitted

    • Clothing must be worn in a manner that does not expose the shoulder, torso, midriff, chest, cleavage, back, buttocks or undergarments; pants must stay up unassisted without a belt.
    • Clothing that leaves the back, belly, breasts, behind and/or undergarments completely or partially exposed is not acceptable.
    • Clothing that is transparent or too thin to provide appropriate coverage is not permitted.
    • Any slits/holes in pants above the knee are not acceptable unless something is worn under the pants to cover up skin.
    • Dresses, skirts or shorts must be knee length; anything shorter than the knee is not acceptable.
    • Leggings/jeggings  must include tops that meet the dress or skirt length expectations.
    • Clothing worn in a way that leaves undergarments visible at any time (sitting, standing, reaching, etc.) is not acceptable.
    • Clothing that depicts, promotes, advertises or glorifies alcohol, tobacco, drugs or their use, is not acceptable.
    • Clothing that is gang related or could be perceived as such, is prohibited.
    • Clothing with diagrams, pictures, words, etc. that are vulgar, derogatory or sexually suggestive,  is not permitted.
    • Clothing with any type (words, pictures, etc.) of message that may be seen as offensive to members of a certain group (such as a race, gender, religion, creed, or sexual orientation), is prohibited.
    • Clothing worn on the head while in the building (including do-rags, hats, bonnets and bandanas, is not allowed (but with obvious exceptions for religious or medical reasons).
    • Chains and other accessories that could be used or considered as a weapon are not acceptable.
    • Clothing that prevents a student from walking or sitting properly, is not acceptable.
    • Hats, blankets or sleepwear including slippers (house shoes) are prohibited.