• About our Academic Focus

    The Vision of Carson Elementary is to work collaboratively with staff, students, parents, and the community to become a school of excellence.  

    21st-Century Mindset And Grit

    Carson is on a journey to strengthen our students' resilience, perseverance, and resolve necessary to overcome obstacles, disappointments, and setbacks.

    A 21st-century mindset is based on the notion one is always growing and learning, and the view one adopts for themselves profoundly affects the way they lead their life. Their basic beliefs, values, and reference frames are used to organize their world. People with a 21st-century mindset believe they create their own future.

    What is Grit?

    Grit could be defined as a collection of hardy, timeless character traits that emanate from a 21st-century mindset. These universal traits are internal resources that enable one to persevere in the face of setbacks, adversity, disappointments and “good failures” in the pursuit of both short and long-term goals.

    "Grit could be defined as perseverance and passion for a long-term goal."

    — Angela Lee Duckworth

    Curriculum & Instruction

    Carson provides a strong academic foundation that is essential to students' future success, and we contribute to that foundation through the following: 

    • Aligning curriculum and pacing guides to the Ohio Learning Standards
    • Implementing best teaching practices and supporting them through professional development using a variety of assessment tools

    Our classrooms are also incorporating 21st-century skills to provide students with the knowledge to navigate today’s integrated, fast-paced, digital and global society. Twenty-first-century skills will enable students to effectively communicate, problem solve and adapt to changing conditions.

    Our students are learning how to think critically, how to harness creativity to solve problems, how to communicate effectively across mediums and how to collaborate with others: everything they need to be prepared for real-life situations in an ever-evolving marketplace.