• To a Cincinnati Public School critical language student, “Live-A-Language” means exactly what it says: immersing oneself in the culture, speech, ethnicity, customs and society of the language of study.

    Regular classes attempt to create an immersion environment, but the everyday classroom doesn’t always lend itself to the true immersion experience. The true experience is a stay in the surveyed country or countries. The next best course is participation in a simulated event. CPS provides summer immersion experiences for 3rd through 12th grade critical language students.  

    Summer Immersion Camps

    CPS critical language students have the opportunity to participate in two summer language immersion events. Third through sixth grade students may attend camp on the AWL campus. Seventh through 12th grade students may travel to northern Minnesota to attend the Concordia Language Villages immersion camps.

    Through both of these summer opportunities, students experience “Living-a-Language.”