The Technology and Arts Program at Winton Hills Academy

  • Imagine school as more than a place where your child receives information and takes tests. At Winton Hills Academy, we are transforming our students’ academic experience to give them a jump-start to a strong future. By weaving technology, arts and movement into the classroom, students will be able to engage more deeply in their studies — leading to a lifelong love of learning.

    What Does This Mean for Students?

    What if your child’s academic experience encouraged creativity, self-expression and deeper learning? Imagine the possibilities when classroom lessons are tied to real-world scenarios that bring learning to life. What if the entire community could witness your child’s academic progress at dozens of talent showcases where students are able to shine?

    Our school will be an incubator for creativity and self-expression. Students will participate in school performances to showcase 21st-century skills that will help them navigate the digital landscape, a critical asset they will need in our modern world.

    The new Technology and Arts program is available for students in grades K–6.

    Winton Hills Academy students will benefit from:

    • 1:1 access to technology, with integration across all subjects
    • Weekly art, music and physical education classes that incorporate dance and movement
    • Opportunities to showcase their talents and academic progress through events that bring parents, families and the community together
    • More interaction with teachers and fellow students through projects that help make connections across different subjects
    • The development of 21st-century skills that will help prepare them to succeed in high school and beyond