Magnet Applications

Applying to Magnet Elementary Schools

Introducing New Magnet School Online Application Process

In October 2015, Cincinnati Public Schools will begin using an online application process for applications to magnet elementary schools for the 2016-17 school year, with most magnet school seats awarded via a random lottery.

CPS' magnet elementary schools offer a variety of content focuses and teaching styles to give parents and students educational choices. Parents choose to send their children to magnet elementary schools by applying during the district's annual application process. (In contrast, the district assigns students to neighborhood elementary schools based on home addresses.)

Information here and magnet application dates apply only to in-district students (living within the Cincinnati Public School District's boundaries). Students who live outside CPS may apply to CPS schools ONLY during the Open Enrollment Lottery, April 1-30.
(Out-of-district students applying for preschool spaces under the Open Enrollment program must apply at the school they want to attend. Preschool applications cannot be accepted via the Open Enrollment Lottery in April.

New Magnet School Online Application Process

Cincinnati Public Schools will use an online application system for its magnet elementary schools for the 2016-17 school year, starting with the application cycle beginning in October 2015. Most magnet school seats will be awarded via a random lottery.

The Cincinnati Board of Education voted to suspend for one year the district’s long-standing policy of assigning magnet school seats on a first-come application basis. The CPS administration and the Board will continue work on creating a new permanent magnet application policy for future years, and will seek input from parents and the community.

The new lottery continues the limited Magnet Kindergarten Lottery.

More Information - Magnet School Online Application Process news release

Magnet Schools One-page Summary Chart 2015-16

Enrollment: After a child is accepted into a magnet school and before the school year begins, the parent must fill out the Student Registration Information Packet to complete the enrollment process.

Magnet Program-Specific Application Requirements

Magnet Application - 2016-17

Magnet School Sign-up Dates for 2016-17 School Year

Early Application Period - Siblings — Oct. 5 - 16, 2015

  • Parents must go to the school to put in an application. Call the school for application hours.
  • Students participating in the Early Application Period must meet a school's eligibility requirements, if any.

Early Application form available here and at magnet schools Fall 2015.

Who may apply during this Early Application period?

  • A sibling of an in-district student already enrolled in a magnet school may apply to the sibling's magnet school.  Entering students will be given priority over other students to enter a sibling’s magnet school. The sibling must live within the CPS district and must currently attend the magnet school in grades preschool to 5 (or, at AMIS, AWL, Roberts or Roselawn Condon, to grade 7), and must live at the same address.

Magnet School Online Application (lottery); new for 2016-17 applications)

Saturday, Oct. 24 through Sundy, Nov. 29, 2015 (five weeks)

Lottery is for

  • In-district students who live within the areas (East or West) of the magnet elementary schools they want to attend.
  • In-district students who want to apply to citywide magnet schools.

Parents may submit online applications from any computer with Internet access during the five-week application period; entry time of an applications does not matter, within the five-week application period.

If needed, parents may enter the Magnet School Online Application Process using computers in

Residents Out-of-Area Application Period — Begins January 19, 2016

Sign-up begins for any in-district student who lives outside the East or West area of a chosen magnet elementary school. A magnet school may accept out-of-area applications only if the school has no waiting list.

Parents must go to the magnet school to put in an out-of-area magnet application. Call the school for hours.

Magnet Preschool and Kindergarten Requirements

Information or assistance for all Magnet school applications and enrollment: 

CPS' Customer Help Center
(513) 363-0123