Cincinnati Public Schools and the Cincinnati Police Department jointly launched a truancy hotline in March 2007 that citizens can call to report youths who are suspected of skipping school.

Community members are encouraged to call (513) 363-0003 and report youths who are suspected of skipping school.

Its goal is to provide community members with a means to help with important issues: returning students to their schools and resolving any underlying issues hindering their ability to attend classes, graduate, and go on to college and productive careers.

"We know that the earlier we are able to intervene with our students and put them on the right track, the more successful they will be in school and careers, which benefits our entire community."

Harry Frisby, CPS Security Supervisor

The hotline will be housed in Cincinnati Public Schools' Customer Help Center. Callers will be asked to provide basic information about suspected truants, which will be relayed to police communications for assignment to police officers. Those officers will respond and work with School Resource Officers and school personnel to identify students through school database information.

A student rests on a bench after skateboarding.Police Sgt. Rodney Carter noted that, while the number of students picked up for truancy typically rises when warmer weather returns in the spring, the ultimate goal is not merely to round up youths.

"We understand that if we are to be truly effective, we need to work with school social workers, parents and other community partners to keep students engaged in learning by addressing any social, emotional or family problems that may be interfering with attendance," he said.

The hotline was announced at a March 21, 2007, joint meeting of the Cincinnati Board of Education's Partnerships and Public Engagement Committee and Cincinnati City Council's Education, Health and Recreation Committee. It is an outgrowth of an idea suggested when City Council and Board of Education members met jointly on November 14, 2006.

"The truancy hotline is another example of the long and successful partnership forged between Cincinnati Public Schools with the Cincinnati Police Department on behalf of the young people in our city," said Harry Frisby, CPS Security Supervisor.