Severe Weather and Emergency Closings Procedures

When severe weather or emergencies impact Cincinnati Public Schools, an alert banner will be display on this Website.

  • For severe weather, an ORANGE banner is displayed, announcing whether schools are closed or delayed. 
  • For an emergency, a RED banner is displayed with the appropriate information and plan of action.

Information on school closings or delays also can be found on local TV and radio stations as needed.

Schools Are Closed or Delayed Only When Necessary

“Snow days” (no-school days) are inconvenient for many parents, so the superintendent closes or delays schools only when absolutely necessary. 

The superintendent and her team aim to make decisions about school closings or delays prior to 5 a.m. so this Website and the news media can relay the information to parents in time for child-care decisions to be made.

Following are some of the resources used in the decision-making process:

  • Accuweather forecast, National Weather Service forecast and local weather forecast (TV stations)
  • Cincinnati's Highway Maintenance Department
  • Metro bus & taxi dispatchers
  • Yellow bus company's recommendation

Severe-Weather Procedure Details for Parents and Students
Severe-Weather Procedure - Staff  (revised Nov. 2014)


Two-Hour Delay

The following policy also applies to parochial and private-school children who rely on CPS for transportation.

Elementary Schools:

  • Yellow buses (which transport elementary school students only) will pick up students at morning bus stops two hours later than normal.
  • Afternoon dismissal will occur at each elementary school's normal time.
  • Students who walk or are driven to school by parents should try to arrive at schools two hours later than the normal start times; if that is not possible, students may arrive at schools within the two-hour window. School staff will be in the buildings to supervise students at the normal start times.

High Schools:

  • High school students ride Metro buses (public transportation) to and from schools. Metro bus schedules cannot be adjusted to accommodate CPS’ two-hour delay, so high schools will open at the normal times.
  • Afternoon dismissal will occur at each high school's normal time.