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Student Safety

The safety and well-being of your children is a top priority of Cincinnati Public Schools. In this section, we describe the many steps we’re taking to assure your children are learning in stress-free, healthy environments.

Talking to Children about Suicide and Depression:
Tips for Parents
Letter to Parents from Superintendent Ronan - Feb. 3, 2016    Spanish 

Talking to Children About Violence:
Tips for Parents and Teachers

Safe Routes - A program designed to create routes through safe neighborhoods for children walking or biking to school.

Security Badges - Security badges are required for anyone who is inside CPS’ buildings or on campuses on a regular basis, and temporary badges with photo I.Ds. are required for one-time visitors.

Emergency Response - Working closely with community organizations, Cincinnati Public Schools continues to test and improve its emergency response and crisis management programs.

Anti-Idling - The Anti-Idling Campaign aims to decrease air pollution around schools caused by idling car and bus engines.

Truancy - Cincinnati Public Schools and the Cincinnati Police Department are working together on a program that encourages citizens to report students suspected of skipping school and helps identify underlying issues hindering a student’s ability to attend classes.


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