Ohio District and School Report Cards

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) annually issues report cards for each Ohio school district and each Ohio school. The report cards look back on a school year and provide information on such areas as students’ performance on statewide tests, rates of improvement on these tests, and graduation rates.

Starting with the 2012-13 Ohio Report Card (released Aug. 22, 2013), ODE is changing its report card system.

Ohio is changing the way it measures and rates the performance of schools and districts, totally revamping the accountability system that produced report card ratings in years past. Starting with 2012-13 data, school and district report cards will grade a mix of new and previously used items on an A-F letter-grade system.

Previous report cards were based mostly on how well students performed on state achievement tests. Achievement tests continue to be a major part of report card ratings, but the new version views test scores differently, plus uses expanded measurements to determine if students are prepared for success after graduation.

For many schools and districts – including Cincinnati Public Schools – the new report card will appear to show a significant performance drop from prior years. This is not necessarily so. It’s a tougher grading system and so vastly different from years past that apples-to-apples comparisons shouldn’t be made for the most part.

The new system raises the bar on student performance with more measures and a higher grading scale. This means that, in some cases, levels of performance that would have earned an Excellent or Excellent with Distinction Rating last year could be rated as a “C” or lower on the new report card.

The new report card is in line with a major transition in Ohio and the nation to higher standards, assessments and accountability systems.

CPS supports this shift. Superintendent Ronan is confident that, as the district focuses on implementing strategies to achieve our academic priorities, our educators and students will meet the higher bar.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio's new Report Card

Cincinnati Public Schools' 2012-13 Ohio Report Card

School Report Cards

To see report cards for individual schools within Cincinnati Public Schools, go to the Find a School list and click on the Report Card link with each school.

Prior Years CPS Report Cards

Ohio's former report card ratings (until 2012-13):  Excellent with Distinction, Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch and Academic Emergency.

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CPS Earns Effective Status 2009-2010

The ODE Report Card Archive gives the public access to district and school report cards from previous years.

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