Board of Education

The Cincinnati Board of Education is the governing body for the Cincinnati Public School District.

The Board is comprised of seven people elected at large by voters to four-year terms. The Board elects its president and vice president annually from among its members at the organizational meeting (usually, the first Monday in January).

Board Policies

Operating Protocol
Legislative Priorities

Family and Civic Engagement

2014 Board of Education

PresidentEve Bolton *
Vice President
- A. Chris Nelms *

Members —

 * Term expires December 31, 2015
 # Term expires December 31, 2017

Board’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals


Cincinnati Public Schools is an exceptionally innovative and socially responsible school district dedicated to preparing every student for excellence in life.


We achieve our vision by understanding the significant changes facing the district and by making decisions that serve the needs of our students, the people who serve our students, and our community.

Strategic Goals

  1. Equip the District to encounter and engage each child in a manner that ensures his/her individual success;
  2. Improve and sustain a child-centered safe school District focused on schools as the center of a safe community;
  3. Encourage and create a culture of shared leadership, accountability and transparency in which everyone is achieving his/her highest level of development;
  4. Create opportunities for students to become contributing members of local and global societies;
  5. Be the best Board we can be.

Committees and Appointments

2014 Board Committees

Finance Committee
Responsibilities: all budget matters, capital and federal program expenditures and income, financial projections, treasurer’s evaluation, legislative goals and annual audit review.

  • Melanie Bates, chair
  • Eve Bolton
  • Ericka Copeland-Dansby

Partnership/Public Engagement Committee
Responsibilities: facilitate communication between school district and the community, review legislative agenda and serve as liaison with legislative bodies.

  • Alexander P. Kuhns, chair
  • Ericka Copeland-Dansby
  • Daniel Minera

Policy Committee
Responsibilities: review district policy and procedure revisions and update in accordance with state law.

  • A. Chris Nelms, chair 
  • Melanie Bates
  • Elisa Hoffman

Student Achievement Committee
Responsibilities: review proposals and issues relating to the program of study, curriculum and instruction, and human resource issues.

  • Alexander P. Kuhns, chair
  • Elisa Hoffman
  • Daniel Minera

2014 Board Organization Appointments

Art Advisory Board
Elisa Hoffman

Cheviot Tax Review Council
Melanie Bates

Cincinnati Recreation Commission
A. Chris Nelms, Daniel Minera

Council of the Great City Schools
Alexander Kuhns, Melanie Bates

Ohio School Boards Association

  • Board of Trustees - A. Chris Nelms, Eve Bolton
  • Legislative Liaison - Eve Bolton
  • Southwest Region Executive Committee - A. Chris Nelms, Eve Bolton
  • Urban Commission - Alexander Kuhns, Daniel Minera 

Activities Beyond the Classroom (formerly, the Student Activities Foundation)
A. Chris Nelms, Ericka Copeland-Dansby